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Why You Need To Get a Renters’ Insurance


If you’re renting a space, whether an apartment, condo or a house, you may not be sure if it’s earthquake-proof, fire-proof and theft-proof. The best thing to do is to have your things insured. Which means protecting all your valuable things.


Difference between Homeowners Insurance and Renters’ Insurance

Though your landlords are required to get a homeowners insurance, this doesn’t mean you and all your personal belongings are protected by this policy. Having a homeowners insurance is different from the renters’ insurance. Homeowners insurance is more for landlords or people who OWN a property or house, while renters insurance – well for renters or tenants. But both policies give protection for you and your personal property protected from fire, theft and other environmental disaster.


What does it cover?
Renters’ Insurance has 3 types of coverage and these are:
1. Personal Property – protection for all your personal possessions from an event such as damage from natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, flood, theft and even from vandalism.
2. Liability – protection against a lawsuit or claim if a person or a visitor gets injured in your property.
3. Additional Living Expense – policy holders will be paid for temporary housing due to damaged for an event.


How much does it cost?
Getting your own renters’ insurance is much cheaper than the homeowners insurance. For a minimal premium payment of less than $500 per year, you are sure to get a cash replacement for all the lost that happens.


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