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Live a secure life in your hard earned condo. Be insured and never think about any other payment but your rent! Damages and theft will be covered with our renters/condo insurance. Keep living your life in your apartment, town house, or penthouse without having to worry when disaster strikes in! Thinking of future damages in your house from a natural disaster such as typhoon, earthquakes and tornados?

Just stay with us and we’ll get your house insured.

  • Rental Insurance
    Your rented house is all you ever need as a home. It would be horrendous if something befalls to your lovely home. Our liability limits are high and you may want to opt on replacement costs because you never know what would happen in the future. Secure the future of the structure you call home and ensure your personal property.
  • Landlord Insurance
    Aside from the master insurance program your building owner has, you might want to ensure your own personal belongings that are not covered in the master insurance of your building owner. Save money and time recovering and repairing the damages of your personal property and avoid stressing over matters that we can handle for you through comprehensive landlord insurance coverage.

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As a team of insurance agents and risk management specialists, we are committed to working together with clients as well as with insurance carriers in promoting better lifestyles, more profitable businesses and security of health by providing quality insurance services.

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