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Insurance Services

Insurance services for your family and your business! We offer comprehensive coverage at low premium rates. AllDirect Insurance Services, Inc. is one of the very few only independently operated insurance agencies in the area that can give you a comparative view of insurance policies across various insurance providers. Choose one that fits your needs and we’ll help you with the enrollment process.

Please take a few minutes to review these insurance services by visiting their pages. You can also send us an online quote request:

  • Commercial Insurance

    At AllDirect Insurance Services, Inc. we provide commercial insurance at low premium rates but promise high quality and comprehensive coverages. This is commercial insurance that no business should be caught without.

    • Multi-Unit Building
      Whether it’s a duplex, a triples or a multi-unit building under your name, it’s a significant value for your money so it only makes sense to plan ahead and protect your valuable assets.
    • General Liability/BOP
      Most BOP Insurances include General Liability Insurance which is comprehensive coverage from instances where your company is threatened with another person or company’s claim of bodily injury, associated medical expenses or property damage.
    • Stand Alone Building
      This type of insurance is most applicable to clients or business owners with commercial properties that are unattached from other buildings.
  • Health Insurance

    Depending on your lifestyle and available funds, you may choose from a variety of health insurance plans. Depending on the insurance type you choose, there is a corresponding low premium rate and specific coverage inclusions – we’ll help you choose the best one to suit your health care needs.

    • Family Health Insurance
      Every day, accidents happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, nationality and status. Health insurance can come in handy if an accident or ailment befalls you.
    • Dental / Vision
      Our plans are affordable, comprehensive and give policy holders access to a large network of dentists and vision care specialists all over the state.
    • Long Term Care Insurance
      With Long-Term Care insurance, you’ll find that health care costs and paying long-term care providers are within the scope of the policy – a great value for your money with benefits that will last for a lifetime.
    • Group Health Insurance
      When your business has employees running the operations, you will want to keep them safe, to make them feel valued and protected.
  • Life Insurance

    If you want to keep your family safe, you need to ensure that they will be taken care of even when you’re no longer around. With life insurance, you can achieve just that.

    • Term Life Insurance
      Invest in life insurance now and be thankful in the after years. Accumulate wealth and say hello to financial stability.
    • Universal Life Insurance
      Universal life insurance has higher premiums than term and builds wealth with tax-deferred savings component.
    • Whole Life Insurance
      A Whole life insurance plan features savings that is put in a high interest bank.
  • Personal Insurance
    We seek to achieve your full satisfaction and your enduring confidence in the personal insurance services we can provide. Get online quotes for Personal Insurance at AllDirect Insurance Services, Inc.

Our Mission Statement

As a team of insurance agents and risk management specialists, we are committed to working together with clients as well as with insurance carriers in promoting better lifestyles, more profitable businesses and security of health by providing quality insurance services.

Service Areas Covered

We are serving the areas of:

• Oklahoma • Virginia • Georgia • Rhode island • Texas

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